Creative Invoice Designs for Course Designers

Creative Invoice Designs #66: Challenge | Recap

Nobody looks forward to invoicing and other back office tasks. But if you’re a freelancer, improving your administrative processes can really help save you time and reinforce the image you present to your clients. And at the end of the day, your brand is your business.

Examples of Invoices

A good place for invoice basics is with Word’s built-in and online templates. Word’s templates offer the perfect starting point for anyone looking for invoicing essentials.

Examples of Invoices

The downside to those templates is that they all look alike. Sure, there are color variations, but they’re mostly the same and aren’t branded for your own image. And that’s what this week’s invoice challenge is all about.

Sources of Inspiration

Clearly one place to find creative invoices is to search for what others have done. Another thing you can do is look at related documents across a range of industries.

If there’s one group that wants to be paid as much as course designers it would be the utility companies. There are some sweet examples of utility bill makeovers like this one from Fast Company:

Sources of Inspiration

How A Redesigned Electricity Bill Could Make You Smarter And Save Cash

I like the infographic approach. Perhaps something like that would work to communicate visually how much development time was spent on QA or change requests?

Challenge of the week

This week your challenge is to create or share a creative invoice example or  template. You can share something you’re already using or mock up a creative design for your entry.


You can use any tool you like to create your invoice template.

If you decide to share your template with the community, please share it in Word or Google Docs format so others can work from your designs.


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Before you begin racking up billable hours, check out the creative template makeovers your fellow community members shared last week:

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Wishing you a profitable week, E-Learning Heroes!

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