Designing Better Quiz Results Slides in E-Learning #245 (2019)

Custom Quiz Results Slide Designs #245: Challenge | Recap

Quiz results slides are one of the most important types of slides in your course because they visually communicate how learners performed on one or more quizzes. 

They're also one of the most neglected slides.

It’s not uncommon to see custom, showcase-worthy courses sporting default feedback boxes or results slides. And that’s what this week’s challenge is all about!

Custom Quiz Results Slides in E-Learning

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share one or more ideas for customizing the quiz feedback and results slides.  Your challenge entry can be static or a working example.

New Entries Only!

We hosted our first results slide makeover three years ago. For this week’s challenge, we’re asking you only share new examples. You're welcome to rework an earlier example you’ve shared or come up with something entirely different.

Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you give your quiz results a makeover, check out the interactive org chart examples your fellow challengers shared over the past week:

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Wishing you a results-driven week, E-Learning Heroes!

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Jodi Sansone
Tracy Carroll
Jodi Sansone
Jonathan Hill
T.J. Barber

This looks really great looking and I love the UX flow. I think some of the judging on the multiple inputs is buggy though. For the first question I intentionally got it wrong a few times and it appears that getting the middle option incorrect causes the final input to appear incorrect also (trying for example: "57, 632, 499" shows "correct, incorrect, incorrect", when it should show "correct, incorrect, correct") could be a sequence issue in your programming. I could replicate this on question 3/5 as well by getting the left 2 wrong, and the right 2 correct. In that situation the bottom right would show as incorrect. Having multiple judged inputs on the same page is extremely challenging and you did a really great job with them. I'm super curious what's leading to the bugs if you'd let... Expand

Daniel Sweigert
Nicki Berry
Andrzej Jabłoński
Nicki Berry
Mahua Ghosh
Jodi Sansone