Share Your E-Learning Pet Peeves

David, do you like e-learning?

I absolutely love e-learning. I love building e-learning. I love managing e-learning. And these days, I especially love helping people build their own e-learning. E-learning is perfect.


Well, there might be one or two things I don’t miss about building courses. 

Like what? 

For one thing, the interminable QA cycles. No, I really don’t miss those. I lasted two, maybe three, rounds before getting restless and wishing the project would just end. Thankfully, those projects were rare.

So never-ending reviews are like lima beans?

Exactly! So what about you? Got any e-learning pet peeves?

Steven Mills

Client:" I have a 60 slide PowerPoint we would like to convert. It is text heavy, and we would like to make it a short online course. I say the same things over and over, so it should not be a problem, and once my rants are removed it should be a nice little course. Oh, and can you add a few activities and make it look real sharp and put some sweet graphics in there?" Me:" Sure, here is a storyboard, since most of the content was not meaningful and redundant, the course is only 10 minutes." Client: " You must take your 10 min course, and add 8,000 instructions on how to you a previous and next button, even though people who lack this skill shouldn't be working at this company, we are so fearful of anyone having anything bad to say we must also spend 5 minutes on an agenda slide disc... Expand

Kihra Kohler
Kristin Augusta
Dominique Wheeler

These are great post everyone! My biggest pet peeves are the following: 1. Asking me to be a magician and create training materials from thin air when the requirements are not solidified and the deadline is fast approaching. And no, the deadline does not move! 2. Making hot fixes to the systems I create trainings for and not notifying me so the training materials can be updated. Then the users gets confused and who gets thrown under the!lol 3. Giving me a pressing deadline to have training materials reviewed by the client and the client doesn't follow up or review the materials until months later when it's already in production and then they want changes at a drop of a hat! 4. Blaming us for user errors when its the system itself with the problem. 5. Not referrin... Expand

Dominique Wheeler

Oh yes!!! I BIGGEST (well I have more) pet peeve....every user issue is NOT a training issue. WBTs created - Check! Job Aids - Check! Showcase of tools - Check! ILTs - Check! Assessments/Practice - Check! User Manuals - Check! Ok Client! I've created everything you asked for, demonstrated it, and provided additional reference materials to ensure the users are successful. So I have nothing to do with why certain users aren't able to their jobs! lol I'd like to see the client take a more proactive approach in addressing the users themselves rather than asking for additional training materials thinking that will solve the issues of their user base. Most of the time, it's the same answers, they weren't playing attention in the instruction provided or t... Expand

Wallis Miller