Share Your E-Learning Pet Peeves

David, do you like e-learning?

I absolutely love e-learning. I love building e-learning. I love managing e-learning. And these days, I especially love helping people build their own e-learning. E-learning is perfect.


Well, there might be one or two things I don’t miss about building courses. 

Like what? 

For one thing, the interminable QA cycles. No, I really don’t miss those. I lasted two, maybe three, rounds before getting restless and wishing the project would just end. Thankfully, those projects were rare.

So never-ending reviews are like lima beans?

Exactly! So what about you? Got any e-learning pet peeves?

Brandie Jenkins
diane clark
Brandie Jenkins
Melissa Milloway
Kristin Augusta

I have one from today! Already a week behind timeline (on their side, not mine) - I get an email today. This is a 20 minute module, mind you... "I've reviewed half of the module and I'll look at the other half sometime today. I will have some changes for you, but this should mark the end of any major changes. I'll have the SVP review the module on Wednesday next week and then you can pilot and assign in the LMS. Just, a note, we HAVE to assign it no later than the 11th." What's wrong with this? His deadline for content changes was August 15th. He has added new slides, changed order of the entire module so that it needs all new transitions, and does he really think the SVP CARES about this module?!? (It's a complete VANITY project to introduce the project owner's new team.) Oh... Expand

Dominique Wheeler

An on-going pet peeve I run across all the time with the client is information overload. They want us to cram so much information that doesn’t apply to the main group just to ensure it’s covered. That’s not going to engage the learner I try to emphasize. When designing WBTs I prefer giving the learner the information they need to know to perform their tasks and any additional information outside the “need to know” can be provided as an additional resource. In my recent pet peeve, after already being in production a few days, the client asked me to insert some additional information in the WBTs I created and republished. Of course it required some new audio and screen recordings, but that wasn’t my main concern. Overall, the information was pertinent, but only to a small sub-group. I ... Expand

Andy Houghton