black and white close-up photograph of a person typing on their laptop

Scrolling panels are a great way to present long paragraphs of text or large images in one place without overwhelming your learners or slide design. In this way, learners can read and reflect on your content without breaking their focus to click through the course.

The E-Learning Heroes community have taken this basic application of scrolling panels and done really creative things with it. Here are some of our favorite examples:

  1. Helen Greetham showcases the important features of a large structure in this cutaway example.
  2. Lili Seram demonstrates how to design a robust course menu in a scrolling panel.
  3. Rambo Levin shows how a realistic background, transparent images, and a scrolling panel can be used to set a scene.
  4. Yekaterina Martynova uses a scrolling panel to display a text conversation on a vertically oriented phone in this fun example.
  5. Allison Goldthorpe provides learners the space to read a full conversation with her scrolling panel example.
  6. David Fair fits lots of data onto a single uncluttered slide in his example.

Be sure to check out this E-Learning Heroes Challenge for many other creative examples of scrolling panels. If you have a creation you’d like to share, add it to a comment on the challenge post.