Flat Design Graphics and Examples #50

Flat Graphics for E-Learning RECAP #50: Challenge | Recap

When it comes to creative solutions in e-learning, you can’t beat the Articulate community. This week’s challenge asked course designers to render their real-world office spaces using flat design techniques. The flat examples were anything but flat! Be sure to check out the examples, free templates, and blog posts from your fellow community members.

Special thanks to first-time challengers Zdravko Gunjevic, Eric Kinne, Elearning Locker, Lyn Lucovsky, and Matthew Swift. Thanks for sharing your ideas with the community. We’re really glad you’re here!

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If you have a blog, please consider writing about your challenges. We’ll link back to your posts so the great work you’re sharing gets even more exposure. If you share your demos on Twitter, try using #ELHChallenge so your tweeps can track your e-learning coolness.

Thanks for a flat-tastic week, E-Learning Heroes!

Gena Hocson

View Gena’s Flat Design

Paul Alders

View Demo  | Website | @paulalders

Cary Glenn

View Demo | @glenncary

Nancy Woinoski

Flat design office | Website | @pinchedhead

Charles Hamper

View Demo | Website | @cfhamper

Melissa Milloway

View Demo  | Mel's Learning Lab | @MelMilloway

Allison Nederveld

View Demo | Download (Storyline 2) | Learn more | @abnederveld 

Ana Lucia Barguil

View Demo | @abarguil

Andrew Sellon

View Demo | Learn more | @AndrewSellonNY

Nick Russell

Nick Russell

View demo | Nick Russell | Benchmark Learning

Joanna Kurpiewska

Joanna Kurpiewska

View demo | Joanna Kurpiewska | Website | @elearningjoanna

Rich Cordrey

Rich Cordrey

View demo | Learn more | Rich Cordrey | Website | @richardcordrey

Hannah Hawkins

Hannah Hawkins

Download (PPT) | Hannah Hawkins | Website

Kuva Jacobs

Kuva Jacobs

View demo | Kuva Jacobs

Robyn Okonsky

Robyn Okonsky

View image | Robyn Okonsky

Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson

View project | Katherine Jackson

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