Onboarding, the process of introducing a new employee to an organization or role, is one of the most popular types of training—and for good reason. Onboarding is typically the first training content employees encounter at your organization, so it’s important to make a good impression. If you’re not sure what to include in your onboarding training or simply need some inspiration, don’t worry! The E-Learning Heroes community has you covered.

We rounded up a few of our favorite onboarding examples to help you design your own new-hire training in no time—whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned course creator. Read on to check out the examples and let the inspiration flow!

Storyline 360: Playful Onboarding

Learn how to make onboarding training fun and engaging for learners using animations and a drag-and-drop activity in this unique course by Andrzej Jabłoński.

Rise 360: New Employee Onboarding Example

Help team members get to know their new co-workers, office layout, and security protocols with this interactive course by Allison Goldthorpe.

Storyline 360: Office Course Starter Template

Share important company policies and procedures with new team members using this beautifully designed template by Jodi M. Sansone.

Rise 360: New Employee Orientation

Create engaging new-hire training quickly by swapping out the placeholder content in this sample course by Nicole Legault with your own text and media.

Storyline 360: Meet the Team Template

Save time creating your next meet-the-team interaction by using this simple but elegant template by Nicole Legault.

Storyline 360: Interactive 360° Virtual Tour

Help new employees get to know their work environment with this immersive panoramic experience by Paul Njuguna.

Rise 360: Employee Benefits Guide

Invite employees to learn about benefits through flashcard interactions and interactive scenarios in this practical course by Amanda Nielsen.

Rise 360: Meet the Team Labeled Graphic Example

See how to quickly transform a static image into an interactive organizational chart using the labeled graphic block in this creative project by Elizabeth Pawlicki.


Hopefully, you’re now feeling inspired to create a winning onboarding course of your own. Use the engaging examples above to guide your creation. And, if you’re wondering what topics to focus on, check out this article: What to Include in New Employee Orientation Training. Looking for even more inspiration? Be sure to check out the weekly challenges, downloads, and examples so you can find just what you need to get started on your next project. And don’t forget to share your favorite courses in the comments below!

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Kyle Main