Sometimes we hear folks in the Articulate community ask questions like “What’s the best size to use for the movie I add to my presenter panel?” Or: “I want to add a background image to Quizmaker and make it fill the whole slide — so how big should it be?”

Media dimensions like these are really good to know, because then you can make sure your images and videos are sized to fit before you insert them into your e-learning project. That way, your published output will look a lot better, because your media won’t need to be re-scaled in your published output. (You can find out more about why scaling makes images and movies look less-than-perfect by checking out this great blog post by Dave Mozealous.)

There are quite a few places in Presenter, Quizmaker, and Engage where you can insert images and movies, and you can find specs for optimum dimensions throughout our support documentation. (A great example is this knowledgebase article that lists the maximum sizes for Engage interactions) But you might also find it helpful to have all the dimensions written down in one spot, on a single cheat-sheet. So I thought I'd share the following pdf, so that you can bookmark it or print it out and keep it handy when you're working on an e-learning project.

Click the picture to view or print the PDF:

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