I had a question about how to create this tabs interaction in PowerPoint. The original was built in Storyline. However, there’s no reason why you couldn’t build the same elearning interaction in PowerPoint and publish with Articulate Presenter.

Here’s an example of the published tabs interaction.

Click here to view the elearning example.

How to Create the E-learning Interaction

The steps are basic for this type of interaction. You can also download the free PowerPoint template here.

  • Create a blank slide for each screen. In this case a main screen and one for each tab. So you need five slides to start.
  • Build the tabs and content box on the master slide.
  • Add links for each tab to the appropriate slide.
  • Close the master slide and then add the tab-specific content to each slide.
  • In slide properties you need to determine how the slides advance and if you want to have navigation buttons. You may also need to fix the branching on the player controls if you have other slides in your module.

View the E-learning Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial that walks you through the basic steps.