I had a question about how to create collapsible headings in the menu and how to change the colors to indicate the slide has been visited.

In this quick tutorial I show how to customize the menu to add some new headings and then place slides under the heading. I also show how to change the color on the visited slide to indicate that the slide has been seen. It's also a great way to indicate progress of the slides in the e-learning course.

Jeff Forrer

I think what is being discussed is the behavior of Prev/Next. Some people expect to go to the next page that is connected to your slide. But, if you move around in a course, such as using the menu, and then click Prev or Next, you won't go to the next slide connected to the slide you are on. You go to the slide you were last at. It works like a browser, at least that is the way I understand it. I have run into this issue if users navigate using a menu then click Prev/Next. If they never use a menu, and use Prev/Next the whole way through, they will be fine. It is when you jump around, Prev/Next act as a browser history does. I do get clients that don't like this behavior. I believe if you want to go the the exact Prev or Next slide in the course vs. history, then you need to set t... Expand