Oh, Snap: 3 Inspiring Photo Sets for Your Next Project

Choosing vibrant, high-quality images draws learners into your e-learning courses. The right images will set the tone for your course and focus learners on your content.

But finding free, high-quality images can be difficult. In addition to often being instantly recognizable and overproduced, stock photography comes at a price.

Fortunately, there are sites available that specialize in making stunning, well-crafted photographs more accessible. One of these websites is Unsplash, a collection of stunning images available 100% free, with no copyright strings attached.

Our Community Team has curated some of their favorite shots into three downloadable sets, organized by theme. Check them out:

If you choose to browse Unsplash on your own, consider curating your own group of photos by theme, color, or however you’d like. Then, share your collection with us in the Building Better Courses forum!

Rick Sell