Smartphone Video Training Examples #42

E-Learning Challenge #42: Challenge | Recap

Welcome to Recap Thursday. Okay, that’s only a working title but I wanted to give you an update on the new format for the e-learning challenges.

We’ve always tried to promote your challenge demos as much as possible. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, workshops, or Tom’s blog, the best way to thank you is by promoting the projects you share each week. And I think we’ve done a really good job getting the word out. The only thing missing was a visible way to showcase your weekly examples.

Starting today, I’ll post your challenge recaps on Thursdays. This gives me a larger space to showcase your challenge demos. I’ll still post a new e-learning challenge every Friday. And yes, previous challenges are always open. To date, no one’s participated in every challenge <hint>.

I hope you like the new format and that it helps more people discover the great work you're doing. Thanks and see you tomorrow, E-Learning Heroes!

Preparing a Parrot ArDrone for Flight

View Michael's smartphone video training example

The only thing quicker than recording smartphone training videos is assembling a Parrot ArDrone for its first flight. Great example of what's possible using a four-year-old phone and natural light.

Duvets Dos and Dont’s

View Ashley's smartphone video training example

Inserting a duvet cover sounds simple right? Evidently there’s a right and wrong way to go about it.

How to Make a Simple Salt Scrub

View Melissa's smartphone video training example

You may never purchase expensive scrubs again after watching this practical video tutorial. Thanks, Melissa!

How to Make Coffee

View Dianne's smartphone video training example

Making coffee is easy. Recording videos with smartphones is easy. Creating smartphone training videos has some advantages and disadvantages which you can learn about in Dianne’s detailed recap. Thanks, Dianne!

Making Coffee with Nespresso

View Matt's smartphone video training example

Terrific example combining smartphone video with Storyline. You’ll want to review each step to gain access to behind-the-scene photos.

The Proper Way to Fold a Shirt

View Daniel's smartphone video training example

Shirt-folding just got a whole lot easier with this helpful video. Nice use of a simple title sequence to introduce the training video. 

Make Your Own Smartphone Mount

View Paul's smartphone video training example

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy camera mounts. In this video Paul shows some practical ways to build your own mount and let us know how it works.

Protect Your Lunch from Greedy Office Workers

View Stephanie's smartphone video training example

Whether you work in an office or your home, this video offers some proven techniques for protecting your favorite snacks.

How to Bust Out of Your Home Office

View Jackie's smartphone video training example

There’s a lot we could say and probably shouldn’t say about this one. How about if we say this is worth watching several times!

How to Shoot Stop Motion Animation with a Smartphone

View Charles' smartphone video training example

Just how much work is it to create stop motion animation? Check out the smartphone video shared by community member Charles Hamper to learn what's involved in this popular animation technique.

Creating Training On the Go

View Allison's smartphone video training example

Smartphone video is easy, but it's even easier when your cat lends a hand paw. Great use of smartphone video to demonstrate how to fold an origami box. Allison also shares some good tips and lessons learned in her blog post. 

Making Guacamole with Master Chef Morgan


View Richard's smartphone video training example

This smartphone video project is full of flavorful tips and tricks! It also demonstrates how well Storyline and video (and guacamole) go together! Great project, Richard! 

Przemyslaw Hubisz

Przemyslaw Hubisz

View demo | Przemyslaw Hubisz | @phubisz


Michael Hinze

Michael Hinze

View demo | Learn more | Michael Hinze | @keypointlearn

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