Smartphone Video Training Examples in E-Learning #42

E-Learning Challenge #42: Challenge | Recap

Preparing a Parrot ArDrone for Flight

View project | Michael Hinze | Website | @keypointlearn

Duvets Dos and Dont’s

View project | Ashley Chiasson | Website | @amdchiasson

How to Make a Simple Salt Scrub

View project | Melissa Milloway | Website | @MelMilloway

How to Make Coffee

View project | Learn more | Dianne Hope | Website | @DianneHope

Making Coffee with Nespresso

View project | Matthew Guyan | Website | @MattGuyan

The Proper Way to Fold a Shirt

View project | Learn more | Daniel Adeboye | Website | @danno4krist

Make Your Own Smartphone Mount

View project | Paul Alders | Website | @paulalders

Protect Your Lunch from Greedy Office Workers

View project | Stephanie Harnett | Website | @slhice

How to Bust Out of Your Home Office

View project | Learn more | Jackie Van Nice | @jackietrains

How to Shoot Stop Motion Animation with a Smartphone

View project | Learn more | Charles Hamper | Website | @cfhamper

Creating Training On the Go

View project | Learn more | Allison Nederveld | Website | @abnederveld


Making Guacamole with Master Chef Morgan

View project | Learn more | Richard Watson | Website | @rwatsonID

Przemyslaw Hubisz

Przemyslaw Hubisz

View demo | Przemyslaw Hubisz | @phubisz 

Michael Hinze

Michael Hinze

View demo | Learn more | Michael Hinze | @keypointlearn

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