Split a single audio file across multiple slides

Audio is an important multimedia element in e-learning; it can be used for narration, sound effects, introductory music, and more. Presenter ‘13 has a wide variety of great audio features to help you edit your audio files to get exactly what your course need.

When it comes to narration, sometimes e-learning developers receive their audio narration in one large, single audio file. When this is the case, the file may need to be split out across multiple slides. You could also encounter a situation where an existing audio file for a single slide needs to be broken out into separate tracks for multiple slides.

This might sound tedious and time-consuming, but don’t worry: with Presenter, it’s quick and easy to do. In this video you’ll learn how to:

  • Import your audio file
  • Use audio editor markers to split audio file
  • Use the “Set Next Slide” option

Watch this video for a walk through of this process.


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