With everything going on in 2020, keeping up with the latest e-learning tips may not have been at the top of your to-do list. That’s why we’ve rounded up our most popular instructional design articles of the year for you right here:

  • 3 Tips for Quickly Converting Instructor-Led Training into E-Learning: Turning in-person training into e-learning has been a hot topic for years, but with the sudden need to transition as many workers as possible to a remote environment, it took on a new level of urgency in 2020. If you’re still struggling to do this effectively, check out this article for some practical advice.
  • Ways to Look Like an E-Learning Design Pro (Even When You’re Not!): If you’re like many e-learning creators, you’ve got a background in instructional design not graphic design, so you often struggle to make your courses look professional. This article will help you fake it ’til you make it when it comes to creating the visuals for your e-learning.
  • Micro-Learning: How to Keep Your E-Learning Courses Short & Sweet: Most e-learning pros agree that when it comes to e-learning, shorter is better. But paring down content is often easier said than done. If you’ve been wanting to make the switch to micro-learning but haven’t figured out how to make it work for your content, this is the article for you.
  • 4 Quick Tips to Make Your E-Learning Stick: You can’t force learners to pay attention, but you can use these expert techniques to persuade them it might be worth their while.
  • Redundancy Principle: Should You Duplicate Narrated Text On Screen?: Including the same text on the screen and in the audio is tempting. You don’t want learners to miss out on any important information! But is that really the best way to go about it? See what the research says in this insightful article.

We hope you find these helpful! Did we overlook any of your favorites? Comment to let us know what articles, discussions, and other resources made your personal faves list.

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