Storyline 2 Examples

E-learning developers are taking advantage of the cool features in Storyline 2 to make super-creative e-learning interactions. We love seeing the ways community members are putting features such as motion paths, sliders, and animations to work!

And there’s nothing like diving into some examples to get ideas for your next course flowing. So check out these cool new demos:

  • See how you can combine animations, motion paths, and variables to create an engaging game in this demo by Sponge UK.
  • This personal safety interaction by 42 Design Square lets learners practice an essential safety task using a drag-and-drop interaction.
  • Take a look at this awesome demo by Unicorn Learning that uses slider interactions to reveal info one step at a time.

Looking for even more Storyline 2 inspiration? Check out our slider examples round-up and dive into our examples hub for lots more.