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The job of the Customer Happiness Team here at Articulate is to help the E-Learning Heroes community by sharing resources on all sorts of e-learning challenges. With an active community full of members from across the globe, we’re in touch with thousands of e-learning pros every year. That means we know a helpful resource when we see one!

As we look forward to the incredible creative projects you’ll build in the year to come, two members of our Customer Happiness Team, Katie and Lauren, have compiled some of their favorite go-to resources, chock-full of helpful tips and tricks for working in Rise 360—the web-based authoring app that’s part of your subscription to Articulate 360. We hope you'll find these resources as handy as we do!

1: Want to take full advantage of Rise 360 collaboration features? Here’s how.

Whether you want to help a colleague kick-start a course or accelerate course creation by building a course in tandem, Rise 360 is loaded with options that really speed up the process. That’s why we think you should get the lowdown on the difference between collaborative authoring and sharing a copy of a course in this article, Collaborative Authoring vs. Sending a Copy of a Course

2: Need the same course in different languages? It’s not as daunting as you might think.

When you need to localize or tailor your course content for language learners or to reach a global audience, the translation feature in Rise 360 is a huge time-saver. Just follow the easy steps in this article, Rise 360: Translate Your Course.

3: Trying to get organized? Tidy up with Rise 360 folders.

If you thrive on structure and organization, you’ll love how easy it is to organize and “file” courses on your Rise 360 dashboard. That’s why we think this tutorial, How to Organize Courses in Folders, is so helpful. It includes a short video that demonstrates the steps in action, and gives you some tips for quickly finding what you need. 

4: Can’t decide whether Storyline 360 or Rise 360 is the right fit for your project? Use them both.

When your course doesn’t need a lot custom interactivity, Rise 360 is the perfect choice. But sometimes there’s just that one custom interaction you can only make in Storyline 360. That’s when we recommend this great tutorial: Rise 360: Use Storyline Blocks to Embed Storyline 360 Courses. With a Storyline block, not only can you add a custom interaction to your Rise 360 course, you can also use them to track and record completion of a Rise 360 course in your LMS. It’s the best of both worlds!

5: Can Rise 360 be used for more than building courses? Yes! And here are some creative ideas to get you started. 

When is a résumé more than a résumé? When it’s built in Rise 360, like in this Interactive Résumé e-learning example. And interactive résumés are just one idea of our collection of 7 Documents You Can Replace with Rise 360 Courses. Who knows how many more ideas our talented community will come up with? We can’t wait to see!

We hope this list of our most beloved Rise 360 resources will make their way onto your favorites list too! 

Have Rise 360 questions? The folks on the Customer Happiness Team and the awesome  e-learning pros in the Rise 360 forum are here to lend a hand. Feeling frustrated by a problem you can’t unravel? We’ve got your back. Contact our Support Team 24/7 by starting a case.

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