12 lessons, large course - what is the best format?


  I'm updating an online course and have hit a point where I'm not sure what to do about the production format. I'm still rather a newby at it, and this is my first online course project.  

The original version of the course was built in Adobe Presenter in ten separate lessons.  The lessons came to me in ten different powerpoint files and I am updating each, along with adding animations (powerpoint & engage) and quizmaker. I'm also building two new lessons to add. Each file contains approximately 8-16 slides.

My confusion is how to group/present them in a file(s) format for when they're published. They will be uploaded to a web-based LMS for employees to access. I thought about putting the files together into one big file as one of the articulate tutorials show and just having them split by lesson inside the course via the table of contents on the left.  My concern is that will make the file too big - not only for publishing it, but for the employees to access. A number of our employees are in remote communities and don't have the fastest bandwidth (some only have satellite internet - ouch). I don't want them having to wait 30 minutes while the course loads.

The original course was uploaded to the LMS and the lessons are each loaded separately when the employee selects one. I could probably continue and use this format, however I understand there may be issues with 'unbundling' each lesson to separate the quiz from it, before it can be uploaded to the LMS.

Does anyone have ideas/suggestions to group these together in a simple, easy-to-use format that won't take too much bandwidth for the students?

Thanks for reading and any help is appreciated!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Cindy!

It sounds to me like your best option would be to publish the courses separately - though I'm curious to know what you mean by "unbundling" the quiz from each course? Do you mean the original courses have quizzes inside of them that you would no longer want to use? Let us know if you've made a decision or need any help...


Cindy Shaver

Hi Peter,

I'm not quite sure what 'unbundling' entails to load the lessons.  It is something I need to check with the LMS administrator to find more about. My understanding is that to load the lessons previously, the quizzes had to be 'unbundled' and uploaded separately for them to be usable and the activities tracked.  Thanks

Peter Anderson

Hi Cindy

When you publish a Presenter course for LMS delivery, any quiz or Engage interaction will be included in the package, so there's no need for any unbundling. Maybe the LMS team is referring to the ability to only track one quiz per course, and therefore want to have several different courses, each with their own quiz?