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Mar 03, 2017

     I am working on a training module which is composed of several e-learning modules for these I am using articulate engage: I have chosen Label Graphic engage set and the Tab set engage.  My question is the following is:  can I incorporate Tab engage with Label graphic? I like the Labe graphic set up but want to incorporate Label graphic in it?

For example Tab1->graphic engage tab->Tab 2-> graphic engage

I have uploaded example of the two engage interactions, If that is not possible is there a similar combination which I am not aware off?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Joselina!

The interactions in Engage are independent of each other, but one way to make a Tabbed Image look as as if it were combined with a Labeled Graphic is to label the image with an image editor before you insert it into Engage, like this. Just keep in mind the numbers on the image won't be clickable.

Hopefully the community can chime in with their ideas, as well!

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