articulate engage label title font size and character number

Dec 05, 2012


I am creating a labelled graphic engage interaction and cannot change the size, colour or font in the Label Text, Title field. No problems with making changes in the label text field, just can't change the title field..

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Lynn! You can change the font by clicking Interaction Properties > Colors and Effects. There's a dropdown on that window called "Title font" which allows you to choose whatever font you like. The choice you make will affect not only the title of each label on your labeled graphic, but also the interaction title (which appears on the black title bar at the top of your interaction).

Regarding the color of the title text, you can adjust your interaction's color scheme and change the items called Callouts>Text to the color you prefer. That should alter the color of your labels' titles in a Labeled Graphic.  

Regarding the size of the title font on each label, unfortunately that's not something Engage allows you to modify at this time. That would make a great feature request though!

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