Changes to master slide after editing interaction

Jul 18, 2011

I'm using Engage '09 with PowerPoint 2007 on Win 7 x64.

I've created an 18 slide presentation that has 1 quiz and about 6 interactive slides using Engage.  I'm making use of transparencies and master slides to keep a consistent look & feel in the presentation (thanks other forum contributions for the tips!).

The problem I have is this:

1) Interactivity slide currently has the Master Slide I chose for it.

2) Launch Engage to edit interactivity.

3) Click "Save and exit" button to save changes and return to PPT.

RESULT: Interactivity slide now has a different master slide. Editing the interaction has now changed the master slide.

Is there some setting somewhere I need to change?  Is there a different process I need to follow?  Or is this an issue with Engage that I just need to work around?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!


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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

I don't mind but it might not be very helpful...

Most of the time after I have published a version of my course that looks pretty decent I will no longer publish to that same directory.

This way I have some 'good' files to go back too...

If I only make a few changes to a few slides I publish it to new folder...

So in this situation I would be able to look at the older xml to find what background file was used.. like:


I would copy that file (bgd1l12.swf) to the new folder if needed... and edit the newer xml to indicate the correct background file to use.

Again... this is fairly specific to the way I work I think... 

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