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Linda Ehley

Thanks -- that works great for changing the color of the segments.  I have two other questions:

1. Can you move the text on the segments closer to the outside of the segment to get more words in?

2. Can you change the size, style, or fonts on the segments?

3. When you publish, can you make it full screen size?


Leslie McKerchie

Sorry about that Linda, my eyes must have skimmed right over your second question.

Okay, I have some more information that may assist you.  This article explains all the pieces of a Circle Diagram, including customizing your font.  This Screenr shows how to create longer/larger segment titles if need be so that they are easier to read.

I do not know of a way to publish this circle diagram in full size though.  

This is what we show as 'optimal':

  • Circle Diagram
    Using a maximum-size image in this interaction type is not perhaps the best idea. Officially, it is 250 px width by 330 px height. In practice, 310 px height is better.  See an example!
Freda Neely

I ran into a similar issue with not being able to resize the core layer of the circle diagram to fit a longer title.  Although being able to resize the core would have been ideal, the information in the screencast was very helpful as a workaround, so I thought I'd share a real-world example, using a project I'm working on...