Circle diagram - alignment and "ray-diant" color

Mar 18, 2011

Hello fellow ID'ers,

Is there is a way of aligning the pieces of a circle diagram so that it is obvious the inner section is related to the outer section?  On that note, is it possible to make the colors the same as they radiate out from the center rather than by ring?

I've attached an illustration of sorts below (I think you'll agree I'm not the world's best artist...).



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Matt - on the toolbar of your Engage interaction, you'll find a button called Rotation. If you set that to the same value for each layer on your circle, I think you'll get the kind of alignment you're looking for. For example, here's what it the thumbnail looks like if I have 4 layers and set them each to a rotation of 45 degrees:

Jeanette Brooks

Oh - and regarding your color question, currently Engage doesn't support the ability to recolor the layers by segment. So, when you assign a color, all the segments within that layer become the same color. You might consider submitting your idea as a feature request though - it would be a nice enhancement to have more flexibility over the colors.

Kawstov FLIP

Hi Matt,

I use deconstruction to create my own diagrams whenever I am unable to find a suitable one. Though some what tedious first time it becomes easier every next time.

The advantage here is that you can add your colors to every layer and every segment.

I learnt this trick of deconstruction from one of the blogs of Tom Kuhlmann.

Hope you find it useful

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