conversion from Engage 09 to 13

Good Afternoon,

I am having issues with an engage interaction after converting the project to 13'.

Within the engage interaction is a series of SWF animations that allows the user to interact with it. Within 09', the user could click on the animation and enlarge it before interacting with it.

With 13', there is no option to enlarge the animation when the user clicks on it. This limits the size of the animation and is not practical with the given constraints.

The attached screenshot shows the 09' Engage interaction with the SWF enlarged. Below it is the 13', where there is no option to enlarge it within the player.

Is there a solution for this?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Erik and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

It looks like you're using the "Tabs" interaction, correct? Have you enabled the "Zoom" option for the image in your interaction? 

From within your tab interaction, on the right-hand side, there should be a "Media" panel. Here, make sure that the option for "Zoom Image" is enabled:

If you have this option enabled, but still don't see the zoom option when viewing your interaction, are you able to post the .INTR file here? You can use the small "paperclip" icon to attach the file. Please keep in mind that if the interaction file is large, it may not upload.


Erik Sterk

Hi Christine,

Thank you for your reply.

The file in question is not an image, but a shockwave file. In Engage 09' I was able to have it enlarged when the user clicked on it, but i cannot do it with 13'. (I do not mean opening in a new window, but enlarging within the embedded window)

I do have a tab with the image, and the zoom options presents itself there.

Intr file attached.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Erik,

It looks like Engage '09 provided slightly different properties for video display:

  • Full size (default): Your video will play when the user clicks the play button on the video thumbnail.
  • In new window: Your video will launch in a new window when the user reaches the place where it is inserted in your interaction.
  • Embedded: Your video will play in the context of the interaction where it is inserted.

From what I can see, the same options aren't available with Engage '13.

Here's a tutorial with more information on video properties for the newer version:

Adjusting Video Properties in Articulate Engage

There's also a tutorial (available through the bottom of the one I linked above) on inserting Flash, but there are no additional options for display. 

If you'd like to see similar options included in a future release of Engage '13, I would definitely recommend submitting a feature request. I've submitted one as well, but any additional input you could share would be appreciated. 

In the meantime, it may help to consider using a different type of Engage '13 interaction that will allow you to show the SWF file at a size that would work better for you. 

This article may help: 

Maximum Dimensions for Media in Articulate Engage '13

Thanks Erik!