Documentation for Studio/Studio Engage Settings: Interaction Properties, Colors, Player, Publish


I'm ramping up on a project that's going to require me to understand a lot of the settings you can make as you prepare to publish stuff in Studio & Studio Engage, including Interaction Properties, Colors, Player, and Publish settings much better than I currently understand them all (I'm using Studio '13, by the way). 

I'm pretty sure that somewhere on the Articulate website there's at least a cursory explanation of these, but I can't seem to find them. 

Also, I know there are books published on this stuff. Is there one that Articulate recommends more than others, or has Articulate published one?

Finally, I do have the large book that Shank and Bircher wrote (Essential Articulate Studio '09) and love it (very good book) but I'm not sure how much of this is out of date for Studio '13, if any. Any idea on that?


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