Engage '09 into Captivate - Best of Both Worlds

Jul 11, 2011


I have a requirement to use Captivate as the "production" tool for a course, but use Articulate's Engage '09 functionality within it.

The question is:

"Does anyone have any step-by-step instructions for inserting Engage files which already exist, and which I have access to pre-compiled and compiled versions, (both standalone and in and AP'09 project) into Captivate"?

I am guessing that whatever the case, (whether the interaction is standalone, or forms part of a compiled course) there is a clever way to insert the .swf files, but not being a tecchie, I am hoping someone can "fasttrack" me here. I will pass the answer onto a 3rd party who DOES understand these tecchie things.



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