Engage '13 - Make "Steps" font bigger

Nov 02, 2017

In Engage:  How do you make the "steps" font bigger or smaller?  The Format text option is available for the "text" section of any engagement but the "Step" section seems to be locked!  Is there a way to unlock it?

Also, is there a way to make the Circle Diagram smaller and the content boxes larger?  Thanks for the help?!  (I am used to Storyline so finding Studio difficult to adjust).

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amanda!  These are great questions since you're transitioning from Storyline to Engage.

Engage makes use of pre-built templates to quickly add interactivity to your PowerPoint presentations.  The trade is that while you can format much of the content you add, the actual interaction elements are mostly set.

Here's our user guide for Engage '13 as well!

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