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Apr 26, 2011


I want to use the Engage FAQ interaction to build an online FAQ, but after 10 questions or so, it can start to become unwieldy. I'm looking for ideas as to handle the following situations:

  • Topics and Sub-topics - I'm thinking that I need to create an FAQ per topic, and then once the FAQ is created, I would like to organize questions into sub-topics. Is it possible to do this? The only way that I can figure out is to list the subtopic as part of the question, i.e. Sub-Topic 1: Question 1?, Sub-Topic 1: Question 2?
  • If I create multiple FAQs within one PPT file, is there any way to get the built in search engine to search across multiple FAQs and return results from those FAQs?



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Justin Wilcox

The FAQ interaction really wasn't designed to handle subtopics in terms of the design of the interaction. You can certainly set up a specific question to have subtopics but the design of the interaction will only show the main question.

Presenter doesn't search Engage interactions so that's not something you would be able to do in a Presenter presentation.

Mark Smith

Thanks Justin. I'm not so interested in having the Presenter interface search the Engage interaction for this particular scenario, though I think it should. If you have a training module with and FAQ and a glossary built into it, why should we force them to remember which search engine to use? But that's for another post...

For this scenario, I want to incorporate multiple FAQ interactions into a master FAQ interaction and have one search work across all interactions. At least that's how I think it needs to be done...

Dwayne Schamp

it appears that in the data.xml file that is created at publish time for the Engage file uses standard "Step ID" values for the content of each faq question. So i'm guessing you could create a webobject that contains javascripting to search the related data.xml file for the engage file you want to search, referencing the hardcoded Step id, then parse out the information from there.

have not tried, but in theory it should work.

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