Engage properties default to Presenter properties?

Apr 25, 2012

Hi everyone,

I have my Presenter properties/template set to "Restricted" so that the participant can only view slides that have already played. 

I have an Engage exercise in the course that I would like for participants to be able to skip, or move forward to the next section if the information doesn't pertain to them.  So, I set the properties of the Engage to allow the user to leave interaction at anytime and to show the next slide button always. 

I'm not able to leave the interaction at anytime.  I still must click on each component of the Guided Image Engage exercise, let the timer move forward for 5 seconds each component (even though there is no audio), and only then am I able to move forward to the next slide. 

I'm assuming this has something to do with my Presenter template setting of "Restricted."  But why are we given the choice to adjust the property settings on the Engage if it's only going to default to the Presenter settings?  Perhaps the property settings, specifically the "Allow user to leave interaction" setting, is only useful when your Presenter setting is set to "Free - user can view slides in any order?" 

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