Engage leave anytime not working

I have an Tabbed Engage interaction that has an Intro and 4 tabs. I have set the property for Allow user to leave interaction to  anytime. The Show Next Slide button is set as Show always. Playback mode is set as Interactive - user can advance in any order. I want the learner to be able to do this as it is not necessary for them to view all the tabs, only those relevant to their job role.

When previewing the Engage interaction and I click the Next slide button I get the message "You may only view slides that you have already viewed".  Note the Player next button will not come up till the last tab is viewed and the full 25 seconds has elapsed. I am previewing more than 1 slide.

I then recreated the Engage Interaction in a new PowerPoint presentation with all the same settings and it worked perfectly. I was able to leave the interaction at any time by clicking the Next Slide button. (The Player next button does not appear as per above) . I copied that slide back to my main file and it behaves exactly as outlined above.

Is anyone able to shed some light on why it is behaving like this and if there is a solution. This is very annoying.

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Greg McEntee

Thanks Blair for your response. This is probably the only place I didn't look and after changing it to what you suggested the interaction now behaves as it should.

The problem is I do not want the learners to be able to view slides in any order. I want them to progress through the learning in order. By default I am not displaying the navigation pane, but if a leaner wants to view it they can.

Is there another way round it or is this restriction by design?

If not I'll rethink whether the navigation pane is necessary or I'll mimic it in PowerPoint and use Hyperlinks.

blair parkin

You can set your template to only be a certain view, that would then restrict them to only using the forward/back buttons to navigate. You could also hide slides from view in the navigation menu so that if the menu was viewed they would only see certain slides.

Personally I don't use menu view and controls at all, rather I use hyperlinked images for navigation. Users are free to view in any order, but if there is an assessment at the end so if they do skip something and don't score 100%, they will have to go back and find what they have missed.

Brian Batt

Hi Greg,

Since you are using a restricted navigation in your presentation, the only way to allow the user to advance in the Engage interaction without completing the whole interaction would be to use a web object. By inserting the Engage file as a web object, Presenter doesn't actually see it as an interaction that requires all of the elements to be clicked. You can use the method in the link below to publish your Engage interaction to the web & then add it to your presentation as a web object: