Engage Question: File Naming Issues

Jan 22, 2018

Hi guys, 

I have a question about renaming Engage files. I'm currently working on a project where I have to recreate the Engage files from the previous modules. Rather than starting the whole project from scratch, I simply tried to create a "version 2" of the original Engage file in the same PPT file. I delete the outdated version (the original) once I had successfully made all the changes I needed to. The problem, however, arises after I delete the outdated version and try renaming the Engage interaction from "version 2" to a regular title.

Example: If I had an Engage interaction named Storyline, I would create a new Engage file (within the same PPT/Articulate Presenter file) called Storyline v2 and design it. Afterwards, I would delete the Engage file called Storyline and rename Storyline v2 to Storyline. 

Despite saving all the changes before creating a new Articulate Package, the zipped file still manages to rename the Engage files as version 2. I never had the original Engage files in the same folder location as the new interaction pieces either, so there's nothing to draw the new title from. It just basically undoes my naming convention when I package it. 

Any thoughts or ideas? I really appreciate your assistance. 

Thank you, 


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Crystal Horn

Hi Victoria.  Tell me a little more about how you insert the new Engage interaction into the PowerPoint presentation. 

  • Are you deleting the original Engage interaction, and choosing to add a new Engage interaction?
  • What if you create the new Engage interaction, insert it, and then delete the old Engage interaction?  Could you rename it at that point and see that change saved?

Thanks for bringing this up!

Victoria Knight

Hi Crystal,

Thank you for responding, I really appreciate it.

To summarize, this is what I am doing: When I open the PPT file, I am going to Articulate > Engage Interaction > Create New. Then I choose which Engage interaction I need and name it v2 because I have been keeping the old Engage file in the PPT until I have completely worked through the new Engage file. Once I have successfully completed it, I delete the original Engage file from the PPT. Then, I go to Articulate > Edit in Engage (checking to make sure the Interaction Title does not have v2 in it) > Save Changes. Then, just to make sure the title is correct, I go back to Articulate > Slide Properties and make sure it is titled correctly.

After making sure the titles are correct within the PPT file, I go to File > Share > Articulate Package > Select my file location > Create Package. But the strange thing is it changes the title of my interaction pieces, OR it flat out does not package the Engage files to the zip folder!! All the pieces are in the same folder, too! So, all the Engage files and Quizmaker files are present in the folder when I try to package it.

I don’t understand why it’s either omitting my Engage files or reverting to the original v2 name when it’s packaged. It’s so confusing.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Victoria, 

The connection between Presenter files and any linked Engage or Quizmaker files is a sensitive one. When you make changes such as the file name, or moving the files from the original location that could cause a break in the chain.  This article (for Studio '13) does a good job explaining that connection and the reasons behind it. 

I always like to also offer the reminder about working on project files locally, and following the best practices here, as not doing so is known to cause some odd behavior and can ultimately lead to corruption. 

It sounds like you want to keep two versions of your course? The original and then the one you're looking at editing? Have you looked at creating a duplicate and then modifying the duplicate, which would allow you to update the Engage as well? This would help alleviate the issues with renaming and keeping track of the file names throughout and continue to keep the correct link between the .PPTA file and the Engage/Quizmaker files.

Let us know if you need anything else or are still finding yourself stuck on this issue! 

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