Embedded Engage interaction within another Engage interaction

Oct 24, 2013


I'm new to Articulate and I'm having a hard time editing an existing "intr" created in Engage '09 with embedded engage as swf. I understand that I need to re-publish, copy and rename the embedded "_content" folders. However when I re-publish (both embedded and container interactions), the file naming convention has changed because I'm using Engage '13. I can't locate "swf0.swf" and there are a lot of other swf files to choose from. So, I assumed that the swf file prefixed with "video_" is equivalent to then "swf0.swf". With this, I...

(1) copied the "interaction_content" folder of the embedded interaction under the "interaction_content" of the container interaction

(2) renamed the copied folder similar to the filename of swf prefixed with "video_" (retained "_content")

The embedded interaction wasn't displayed.

I appreciate your help.



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