Engage '13 and Lectora Inspire 16

Nov 25, 2016

Ok Team.

I'm really struggling here. I have done this successfully in the past, with Engage '09 and Lectora 12, but now I'm ready to pull my hair out!

Yes, before you ask I have searched the forum, found an old post from 2011 which I had used (and printed for posterity - thank goodness) which walked through the steps of putting an Engage interaction into Lectora. Due to some changes in Lectora, the instructions are different, but I still cannot get this to work.

I have placed the _content file in the root of the images folder, I've ensured my swf for the interaction is available in the root of the images folder (placed there when I added a .swf using the insert .swf tool in Lectora.... and although I can preview the interaction from within the images folder (so I know it at least works) I cannot preview it in Lectora now, when I publish to EXE will it run.

I get: ERROR: Could not load the file "interaction_content/data.swf" message.

I thought I'd put the data file at the root as well, so I copied it and pasted it at the root as well as leaving a copy inside the content folder, but alas, I am stumped.

Can you help? Please this is driving me crazy. 

edited because my keyboard sticks :(

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jacqueline,

Unfortunately I don't know much about Lectora or the steps you previously had to go through. I did want to reach out as you mentioned the .EXE file, which sounds like you've published to CD? Have you looked at publishing to Web and using that version within Lectora? 

Hopefully others in the community use Lectora and are able to weigh in here as well! 

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