Adding an Engage '13 Interaction to Lectora

Nov 12, 2014

I am looking to add an engage Engage '13 Interaction into a Lectora course.

This works if you only have one Engage but not if you have multiple. 

The issue is you cant rename and Engage file. This means it must always be called "interaction". 


What would the options be.

Rename the Engage '13 Interaction ?

Edit the Engage '13 Interaction using a SWF tool?

Opening the Engage '13 Interaction using a SWF  and saving as a single file? (Such as SoThink SWF)

Any suggestions would be great


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Amy!

This is not something that Articulate supports, but I'm not sure if someone in the community has some advice for you.

Articulate Studio publishes a collection of files for each content item, which allows the content to progressively download elements for faster playback times.

Currently, Studio doesn't support publishing to a single SWF (Flash) file. If you'd like to see this feature, please submit a request to our product development team.

Jacqueline Hutchinson

I found that when wanting to add more than one interaction into lectora 12 just rename your interaction.swf and your interaction_contents folder to newfilename.swf and newfilename_contents (they must be exact matches)

Haven't done multiple enage into lectora for a while, but this always worked in the past (of course now I cannot even get a single engage '13 into a lectora 16 title...)

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