Going to a previous slide when viewing all slides is enforced

Nov 09, 2011


I'm building a course that uses Engage interactions such as Tabs, FAQ etc. and I want to force the learner to view all elements of the interaction before they can continue.

I have used Engage properties to 'Allow user to leave interaction After viewing all the steps', which seemed to work at first.

However, I've noticed that not only does it stop the learner from going to the next screen until they've viewed all screen elements, it also stops them from going back to previous screens, which seems pointless, and is a function I don't want.

Additionally, I'd rather that it only forced the learner to view all slides once, rather than every time the learner visits that screen, as it currently does. Surely the player should remember that the learner has already visited that screen and viewed the content, and not force them to view it again before they can move on?

My question is - is this how Engage is behaving for everyone, or am I experiencing some kind of bug? It seems to me that the way I want it to function is the most logical way - I can't think of a reason why anyone would want it to work the way I've described above.

Any help or comments would be appreciated.

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Pete Sheppard

Thanks Peter - I'd missed that there was a resume feature in Engage itself. That solves the problem of the learner having to redo interactions every time they visit the page.

I still have the problem of learners not being able to go to the previous screen before completing an interaction, but it looks like I'm going to have to live with it! It does seem like an odd behaviour though, as I'd have thought most users would want it to work the way I do.

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