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Aditya Konde

Hi Rajesh,

This is very easy to accomplish. Open the Engage interaction and then go to the following location:

Interaction Properties > Colors and Effects > Player Fonts. Here you will be able to customize the font for the Title as well as the  content.

You will have to do this for each individual interaction.

Let me know if this helps.



Rajesh Bokaro

Hi Aditya,

Thanks for responding. But I am not sure you understood my question. I was asking if there is a way to configure the defualt font style., so that whenever I create a new interaction that default font style will be picked up by the interaction. Currently default is Articulate.

Anyone else can comment ?

Subsequent but related question to Articulate experts...if I do mass replace of Articulate font in data xml file, will it create problem ?



Justin Wilcox

You cannot change the default font type for new interactions. You might want to submit a feature request for that:


I would not recommend manually modifying files, especially since there is an easy way within the application itself to universally change the fonts as Aditya pointed out.