How to get an Engage Interact. to start from the beginning again?

Oct 14, 2014


I have my course built so that the user can go back to the menu and revisit sections of the course. However, when you click back to an engage interaction, it starts at the last step. How do you get an interaction to automatically start at the beginning (introduction) if someone goes back to view again? I've tried changing the interaction and player options and it always just brings me to the last step of the interaction and you have to hit 'previous' to move to the beginning. I need to publish this course soon so any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Kelly Connell

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kelly! 

If I am understanding your question correctly, this is the expected behavior. The pieces of an interaction are treated as slides in a presentation. If you are displaying the items as a single menu item, then it will just go to the last item for that selection.

If you need the users to be able to access different parts of the interaction, then I would advise that you display the interaction as multiple menu items for the free navigation.

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