How to prevent the interaction from starting right away?

Hello! I'm building a presentation with plenty of interactions. When I move from one slide to the next one, the interaction starts right away. For example, in a labeled graphic, the marker shows right away with the label text. Is it possible to have the slide without the label text showing when the slide first appears, then when an user clicks on Next or directly on the marker, that's when the text shows? I'm attaching an example for reference

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jasmine and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

It looks as if you've attached a Media Panel Interaction, but you mention a labeled graphic in your question?

In a labeled graphic, you can prevent it from auto-starting by choosing 'audio-only' for your first step.

Making an audio-only marker

To make an audio-only marker, mark the Audio Only box in the Audio panel. The Text and Media panels will become grayed out. If you change your mind, uncheck the Audio Only box.