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Hi all,

I just applied the suggestion of David Anderson

It still remain a doubt. My engage interaction is embedded in a presentation. I just put ..\FileName

If I publish the engage interaction and I check it stand alone, no problem. But after publishing the entire presentation, where the engage interaction is embedded in, the link did not work.

What did I do wrong?


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Silvia Vantusso

Good question.

I do not use the player, the client wants to have simple button to page back and forward. The problem embedding an Engage interaction directly as slide my button will be overwritten. To resize my interaction the only way I found was this (I include it in order to let the button be visible).

In the screencast of David was told that the link should be ..\, but if I have the files under folder C:\ProjectName\Engage\ what shall I write exactly  in my link inside the interaction?


Phil Mayor

HI Slilvia

Sorry meant to say planning, ignore the question you have already answered it, you need the hyperlink to be the actual place the file will be hosted online, but I think  because this is a web object it will need to be a an absolute (the whole path) not a relative path.

I would upload the file online get the path and then insert that, or you could insert as an attachment into articulate and then link to  data/download/Yourfilename.pdf (this may not work)

Just watched the screent, In Davids example he uses the .. to move to the parent directory, where do you put the file after you publishing, if you add it to the web object folder, the same place as your index.html file then yourfilename.pdf should would