Make the width of engage modules smaller

Jun 23, 2011

Good Afternoon, 

Could someone help me on how to make the width of  my engage modules smaller. I want to use the FAQ engage model as a searchable database on my site and I have only about 650 px of space to use. I am very new to the whole articulate world and a newbie in flash but I am willing to learn. Is there any fix to this thanks for the help?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Freddy - here's a discussion thread that describes a way to alter your engage.html file so that your interaction displays at a different size:

You can open engage.html in Notepad or some other text editor to make the changes. In order to make the interaction fit within your website, I'd try a width of 649 and a height of 487, since that will maintain the same aspect ratio as the original output.

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