Need to import fonts

Mar 23, 2011

Hi - I searched the old forums and found that someone has already asked my question: I need to use an imported font (already imported to Windows) in Engage and Quizmaker, but they are not showing up on the font list. Justin's reply in the old forum was as follows:

"What type of font is this? If a font doesn't appear in the dropdown list this would be a limitation of Microsoft .NET Framework. If this is a company font you might want to find out if they can convert the font to a true type font or font that is supported in .NET."
I am not familiar with the .NET framework and how this would be a limitation. The font I need is the HelveticaNeue suite, which is an Open Type Font. Any ideas? Thanks!!!
P.S. Just did some research on Microsoft .NET framework. Should I download version 4?
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Justin Wilcox

It wouldn't hurt to download .NET 4 but font support hasn't changed between versions of .NET. If you did properly add the font to Windows and it is not displaying in the dropdown then the font is not supported by Microsoft .NET Framework unfortunately. That Helvetica font is a licensed font so you would probably have to figure out if you can get a true type version of the font from the folks who purchased it. That might be easier said than done, though.

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