Numbering sequence in a Process Interaction

Jul 05, 2011

I tried to turn a complex 2-page table that contained "Too Much Information" into an interaction that my SME insisted be included in a "e-learning module" which I am almost sure is turning into an information dump!  I made each line of the table into a numbered process with the rest of that line of information included when you clicked on the numbered tab at the bottom.  It turned out just great (my opinion) with the numbers corresponding to each line of the table but of course the SME would like the numbers in the Engage interaction to match what was in the table. I even got the tabs or buttons at the bottom to be numbered I,II, III like he requested.  My problem is that there is a sub IV a. and three sub V a.b.c.  Is there a simple way to change those corresponding buttons to match those sub categories in the process?  I am just a novice Engage user so making my own interaction might take years.  Is there another way to make a 2-page table and all the information it contained more digestible to those taking my e-learning course?   

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