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Jun 20, 2011

Good Afternoon,

I am creating a engage module and once I publish it for my LMS as a zip file, the pictures do not show up in my engage module. I added the pictures also through powerpoint attachments but that doesn't work either. Could someone tell me how to solve this?

running latest powerpoint

latest articulate  

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Freddy and welcome to Heroes! It sounds like you are viewing the content outside of your LMS. To truly test the content you would want to upload it to your LMS and then things should work as expected. If you are early enough in development that you don't want to do that, publish for CD and view the content by double clicking the Launch_Presentation.exe file or publish for the web and upload the content to a web server.

The reason these things are probably not working is that modern operating systems, web browsers and Flash player don't like it when you view content from a local drive and will disable elements of it. For more info, see:


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