Presenter unable to Open Project File error

I'm working in a PPT using Articulate Pro 09 and PPT 2010.  After several PPT sloides I created an Engage interaction.  When to save it and the saving bar in PPT froze.  After 15 minutes I ended the task.  When I reopened my PPT and clicked on Engage to redo my interaction.  I go this error message:

Presenter was unable to Open Project File.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

BTW:  If I go directly to Engage without PPT, I can see the interactions I created.


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Adrian Dean

Howdy Cheryl,

Welcome to Heroes! It sounds like its a permissions issue or the Engage interaction was already in use with regards to the error. As for why the saving bar in Presenter froze, I'm not sure at this point. Have you tried inserting a different Engage interaction? Do you still get the same problem?

Always Happy to Help,