Publishing Engage to PowerPoint 10

Jan 31, 2014


I am running PowerPoint 2010 (32bit) on Windows 7.  Recently installed Studio 13, but the following issue occurred in 09 as well.  Prior to a couple of weeks ago never encountered this issue.

When I publish an interaction into PP or when attempting to insert an existing interaction into a PP slide, I get a graphic that has a small picture of the slide, the file name and last modified date.  The rest of the graphic displays properties information and a couple of buttons that seem to have been carried over from Engage (edit in Engage and Edit Properties).

This also occurs in Quizmaker.

Any Ideas?

Thanks very much.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Art and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

If a quiz or interaction placeholder slide appears in your published presentation (rather than showing the actual quiz or interaction), it's likely that the quiz/interaction title includes accented or non-western characters. This is a known issue. See this article for more information and a solution.

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