Question on behalf of a new user

I've been using Articulate Studio '09 since before it was '09 but I have a question on behalf of a colleague who recently purchased Engage as a standalone product.

He had the 30 day trial of Articulate Studio, but doesn't need to full product so the company purchased Engage for him.  It is now installed on his machine, but when he goes to the Engage 'Publish' menu, it doesn't show the PowerPoint that he currently has open as an option of somewhere to publish to.  I suggested he uninstall Studio completely and reinstall Engage with his key and see if that works.

Will he be able to publish directly to a PPT file with just Engage or is there some other method?  Basically he will be handing off the completed PowerPoint file to me along with the interactions for me to 'clean up' and then add the audio files and quizzes etc. and publish it to our LMS.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Andrew!

I believe your colleague would have to have Presenter installed on his computer to be able to publish Engage to PowerPoint. However, after he builds the Engage interaction, he could always send you the .INTR file and you could then plug that into your Presenter course to put the finishing touches on the project.