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David Anderson

Hi Helena - 

Screenr creates .mp4 videos that you can download and edit after recording. Tom created a how-to screencast on the process: https://player.vimeo.com/video/149173087

What you can't do is edit a Screenr video and then re-upload the video to your Screenr page.

YouTube's video editor is another option since Screenr can publish directly to YouTube. And here's a thread with some more ideas for editing your videos.

Helena Froyton

Please Help! Can anyone guide me through the steps for downloadingK-Lite Codec Pack Full? I don't know which one to download and do not know if I downloaded it correctly. I still have not been able to import my screenr video into Windows Movie Maker for editing. Thanking you in advance for your insight!

Richard Campbell

I can't guarantee that the Screenr mp4 files are compatible with Camtasia, but Camtasia does import mp4 files, but all mp4 files are not created equal as advised by my friends at Techsmith - a disclaimer here - I have been a beta tester for Techsmith's Camtasia since version 4 - and somewhat biased here.