Second engage interaction has no audio when published-1st one does

Mar 11, 2012


I have a course with a few powerpoint slides, two quizzes and two engage interactions (both are timelines) in it.

1st timeline:  The first timeline audio plays fine when published.

2nd timeline:  For the second timeline, the audio is gone. The audio plays fine when I preview it, but when I publish it the audio is gone.

I did the same process on both and just recorded both tonight at the same time.




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Marsha Redmon

Hi Justin, Wow you're quick! Thanks for that.

Finally after an hour of banging my head, (and asking for help) I went ahead and published it with a new name, rather than continuing to overwrite the prior version.  And voila -- the audio for the second Engage interaction showed up! Like magic.

Guess I'll never know why.  But it's great to know that you guys are always here and so responsive!

Have a great Monday!


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