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Hi!  I've created a Tab Intereaction. The tabs down the left are cities.  When you click the tab, it provides information relative to that city.  However, I want my learners to only HAVE to click the city that pertains to them.  Is there a way to make this happen with the interaction.  I.E., I only need them to click one tab and not be required to view all 7 tabs.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

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Dwayne Schamp

I think the question is, can she make them have to click at least one before moving on, not all or none. And if so, I don't think this is a possibility using Engage.

Although, you could make this using slides and hyperlinks along with a locked slide in your course. the hyperlink would force them click at least one of the locations. that would take them to the slide with the information. The next button would then branch back to the main flow of the course, or, a copy of the location picker slide. the copy slide would not be locked and allow them to either continue, or click another location.

Janelle Hogan

I know it's been a while since this question, so I am wondering if anybody has been able to figure out a way around this?  I have a tabbed interaction that I have inserted into my Storyline project.  I would like to force my user to click on each tab before being able to move forward in the course.  I can't find anything in the properties.  

Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Kevin Dowd

Hi Janelle,

When you're inserting an Engage interaction into Storyline it is not possible to require a user to select the tabs.

If you want that functionality, you will need to rebuild the slide in Storyline.  Create a next button and set the initial state to either disabled or hidden (depending on your preference).  Then add a trigger so that the state of the next button changes to normal when the user clicks all of the tabs.  Then, in the slide properties for that slide, turn off the next button in the slide navigation controls.

Hope this helps,


Kristine Y


Are there any video tutorials to walk me through your description on how to make the user click on each tab before moving on to the next slide.

I want to create two pathways for people to view each tab.

1. move the mouse to click on each tab OR

2. click the right arrow(keyboard) to move down the tabs and then to the next slide.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I am trying to make my e-learning accessible to the visually impaired as well.