"Tabs" Frustrations

I have been adding some text to the Tabs in the Tabs interaction, but nothing is appearing in the drop-down once I publish - it drops down, but remains blank.

I had initially used JPEGs of some documents, and ran into the same problem. When I experimented with adding text to one of the three tabs, the drop down worked properly when published. Unfortunately, I realized the JPEGS were too hard to read, so I copied the text from these documents into the interaction, spent a bunch of time formatting the text, but nothing would appear (I also changed the title of the interaction, but this change did not stick) after publishing. I decided to create a new interaction, but with the same result (and after a bunch more formatting for fear that I would be stuck with my initial save). I don't want to do any more formatting! And I would like the drop-down tabs to work...

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Tom Robinson

Unfortunately, it didn't. It claims it didn't uninstall properly. It suggested I uninstall through a different process. A total uninstall and reinstall does not sound like it's possible because I am working on a company computer far away from the bosses and their hard copies of the software... any other suggestions?

Justin Wilcox

Hi Tom. There are no hard copies of Studio '09. You can download the installer here. The trial version is the full version so simply save the installer file to your desktop, double click it and then follow the same steps to run a repair. If the repair fails, then try to remove the software first before installing a clean version. Make sure the last step you perform is restarting the computer as that is the most important step.